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Grand Mercure Hoi An – Paradise of “wellness” living standards

The prolonged periods of isolation to prevent the spread of the virus during the past two years are considered to be a factor in promoting awareness of the importance of physical and mental health, which in turn leads to a desire for a healthy, fresh, close to nature and good for health environment.
“Safe destination” becomes a symbol of luxury

The emergence of a pandemic has “upended the order” that has existed for many years in society. In those “new orders”, a safe destination seems to have become a symbol of luxury. Since then, healthy products have suddenly taken the throne. Real estate is no exception to that stream.

Nowadays, with the spirit of “health over wealth” (health is more important than wealth), people come to health resorts as a way to regain balance both physically and mentally. The middle and upper classes are also gradually becoming less interested in the glitz and spending more money on expensive gyms, body care treatments, and resort programs that combine health-enhancing experiences. Along with that, the trend of owning therapeutic and healthcare real estate is rapidly growing and is further promoted by the outbreak of the pandemic.

In a report released by the Global Healthcare Institute (GWI), Covid-19 has spurred a shift in the real estate and construction industries towards healthcare. Currently, homebuyers are willing to pay 10% or even 25% higher for wellness real estate. Therefore, real estate projects, especially the resort segment, tend to combine elements of health care (wellness) in architecture and amenities. These are quiet resort areas/communities surrounded by fresh nature, including the best services for health, avoiding diseases, nourishing the soul, improving longevity, etc.

GWI estimates, if 3 years ago, the number of wellness real estate projects worldwide was only about 740 projects, now there are more than 2,300 projects in different stages of development and completion. Of course, this growth is due to many factors but the pandemic has certainly brought the concept of healthcare real estate to the fore.

Grand Mercure Hoian – Paradise of “wellness” living standards

In Vietnam, this “luxury” trend is more prevalent than ever. Many projects called “second-home standard wellness” by the real estate industry (second home with health care standards) are gradually being formed and are attracting attention. For example, Grand Mercure Hoian – a complex of tourist resorts, hotels and tourist services built according to international 5-star standards. This is also one of the projects located in the most beautiful coastal golden land fund left in Hoi An.

Grand Mercure Hoi An is oriented to create an ideal resting space with a high health index. With that criterion, the design of the villas of Grand Mercure Hoi An aims to make the most of natural elements but still ensure privacy and quiet, helping owners to regenerate energy.

In particular, the entire swimming pool of the villa is applied with salt electrolysis, which is being evaluated as superior efficiency and environmentally friendly compared to traditional chemical water treatment methods. Safe for skin and good for health.

At Grand Mercure Hoi An, the elite owners can welcome the dawn by the wide open window with a view that embraces the poetic beauty of the sea; breathe the fresh air next to the colorful garden of five elements; Or enjoy relaxing moments at the infinity pool, Silk River swimming pool over 300m long…

Every design and utility service at Grand Mercure Hoi An is aimed at cherishing, respecting the emotions and experiences of the owners about a luxurious resort space, ensuring both physical health and wellness. mentally and physically.

The project owns an expensive location at An Bang beach – one of the 50 most beautiful beaches in the world in 2011 and on a beautiful coastal land bank in Hoi An town. From Grand Mercure Hoi An to Ho Chi Minh City. Hoi An is only about 5km, close enough to move to famous tourist attractions in less than 20 minutes; Just far enough away from the noisy city, helping people find the beauty of the ancient, simple and peaceful in the luxurious and expensive resort space.

Experts believe that, with its intrinsic attractiveness and special policies applied, Grand Mercure Hoi An will be one of the factors that opens the most livable luxury wellness real estate for Vietnamese elite.

Grand Mercure Hoian – Paradise of “wellness” living standards

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